Diabetes Complete Care (UK) acknowledge and understands the role of the General Practitioner (GP) within the NHS is forever expanding and with it an ever-increasing expectation for a rounded understanding of all health conditions.

Notwithstanding the fast pace of healthcare delivery with less funding and an ever decreasing workforce globally as well as locally.

Diabetes Complete Care knows that when faced with the challenges of change and all that entails it can be difficult to see how to move forward.


Commissioners are looking in line with NHS England’s “Action for Diabetes” (January 2014) to:

  • Prevent Type 2 diabetes and aid screening for earlier diagnosis
  • Greater support for the management of diabetes within the community

NHS England has published its business plan for 2015/16, summarising the headline goals and priorities for the year ahead. The plan sets out ten priorities to improve quality and access to services for patients, drive better value for money and to build the foundations for the future health and care system.

The ten priorities are:

  1. Improving the quality of care and access to cancer treatment
  2. Upgrading the quality of care and access to mental health and dementia services
  3. Transforming care for people with learning disabilities
  4. Tackling obesity and preventing diabetes
  5. Redesigning urgent and emergency care services
  6. Strengthening primary care services
  7. Timely access to high-quality elective care
  8. Ensuring high quality and affordable specialised care
  9. Whole system change for future clinical and financial sustainability
  10. Foundations for improvement


Diabetes Complete Care (UK) has over 25 years expertise in both Primary and Secondary.

  • Developed, organised and facilitated a 6 Study Day – Diabetes Education Programme for Healthcare Professionals across Primary and Secondary Care; in line with NICE Guidance and NICE Quality Standards -Diabetes (2015)
  • Encourages both self-care and self-management in diabetes
  • Continue Professional Development with research evidenced within diabetes
  • Appreciates and understands the importance and how to reduce unscheduled admissions to secondary – can aid with the gap between the vulnerable older person housebound or within Nursing/Care Homes and GP Practice
  • Diabetes Service Redesign
  • A member of  the Senate Clinical Network – Diabetes, now Senate Council Member for Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria
  • Understanding of the importance of Clinical Governance and Patient Confidentiality.
  • Registered with NMC and RCN

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