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In working to launch Diabetes Complete Care UK you would not believe how much preparation and learning of new skills has had to take place. When aiming to be the best you can be, it is important that those who rely on you for their wellbeing know you will do almost anything to ensure this. At Diabetes Complete Care UK, we want people to realise that diabetes isn’t all doom and gloom that pre and post diagnosis you are the same person.

Diabetes Complete Care UK has now entered a totally new playing field, as the NHS embraces change so must we, which includes stepping out of the safety of caregiver and provider to promoter. As many of you out there are embracing technology and new IT languages, so we are too.

Education especially diabetes health education is available in all quarters from your local Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (DAFNE) and Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND). To accessing education on line via apps on phones to podcasts. Someone suggested that Diabetes Complete Care UK needed to contact the local radio show and offer to host a question and answer diabetes session. So in our innocence we rang our local Preston FM and secured an interview. Our interpretation of an interview was somewhat different to what took place.

Please click on the link and listen, it took place on Monday 24th March 2014

From this Diabetes Complete Care UK will be on air at Preston FM’s Chat City with Hugh Parr every two months starting Friday 9th May 2014 @ 10.35 am. We are there to answer any queries or concerns that you have. To ensure your question is aired we will need you to email them prior to the 9th May. So this is a call out for your questions and concerns. It does not matter how simple or silly you think it is, if it is causing you a worry we can help.

If received on time, they will be used on air on the 9th May or next time, if missed or unable to use you will receive an email with your answer. Let us also know if we are able to use your name on the radio to keep it real for the listener, with the area in which you live.

Making it even easier use the contact email box to the right of this blog and just put ‘Radio Show’ in the title box , for your question?

So looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Just had a look through your website as I have relatives with diebetes and don’t know anything about it. I love the fact that everything is extremely informative whilst maintaining a really friendly and informal approach. Good luck for the future and keep up the good work.

  • Questions for FM Radio;

    Please can you tell me if I need to have my feet checked and why?
    I am newly diagnosed type 2 and I have been asked to go for a days education,
    What does this entail?
    Will I need tablets straight away? I was told my levels are not too bad.
    PS I like the website and it is easy to find information that helps.

  • Hi Jane
    The reason for having your feet checked is to ensure the circulation to your feet has not been compromised including your peripheral (or surface) nerve endings. making sure you still have sense of touch including pain via pain receptors.
    This is to ensure there is nothing uncomfortable in your footwear which could cause rubbing resulting in ulcers or infection.
    Your Health Professional needs to know about changes in temperature control in your feet do they always feel hot but cold to touch and the opposite.
    Strange sensations on walking feels like ‘I’m walking on cotton wool’, ‘have feelings of electric shocks’, ‘burning sensations like my feet or legs are on fire’ must all be reported.

    Good control and a regular foot care regime should prevent this.

    More information on the Diabetes UK website ‘Foot care guidance’

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