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As you can see from the photograph having diabetes affects all shapes and sizes of feet.

With or without diabetes we all take our feet for granted but someone living with diabetes does not really have such a luxury, especially those diagnosed with type 2.

In type 2 because diagnosis is at a later time in life and we may also be presenting with a compromised cardiovascular system – bad diets lack of exercise.

I am not being critical but honest as I know I also am guilty and waiting with baited breathe for my day of reckoning.

Foot complications occur in type 1 but usually those with type 1 have an already regimented daily foot care regime.

Since September 2013 Diabetes UK have been promoting ‘Putting feet first: Diabetes Foot Care’ all in a bid to reduce amputations and improve foot care for people with diabetes.

Whilst working in the East of England, I came up with an idea regarding foot care for older people, it was dismissed. I had quite forgotten all about it until I attended the ‘Living with Diabetes Event.’

I was truly upset at the rendition of a tale from someone in the audience. It truly sadden me.

Their anger and frustration was totally recognisable, yes they were sad and grieved the loss of their toe but the main anger was that Health Professionals (HP), in their opinion, hadn’t listened – they had stubbed their toe and all they saw were health professionals concerned about diabetes.

The stubbing of a toe causes a stress within the body, as in pain, which increases blood sugars, as the body tries to repair itself. If the persons blood sugars are already high the healing process takes longer and slows down recovery. Dependent on when the HP became involved maybe why it can feel like everyone’s concern is about diabetes and not the primary cause- the stubbed toe.

Diabetes most probably exasperated the toes final demise but if a person is given information however harsh it may seem they then have coping mechanisms. Someone just saying “Yes, we know you have stubbed your toe but we now have to ensure that your diabetes is well controlled to ensure you don’t get any complications”, can be remarkably reassuring and instantly the person understands and engages with you.

I know I have probably made it sound simple and when faced with a HP be it Consultant, Doctor or Nurse it can be intimating but HP’s understand the theory and have experience of complications of diabetes.

So it can look like HP’s are totally obsessed with your diabetes control but it’s because they understand the down side of diabetes, if not controlled properly.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask, you are the person with diabetes, sometimes you need your hand held and like a child you need things explaining in simple terms – please don’t be afraid ask!

Never forget that Diabetes UK have all manner of helpful guides and information at a touch of a button.

Until next time, take care of you and yours

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