Okay so you have diabetes……………….

This doesn’t mean the end of your life as you know it, whatever the diagnosis whether it is Type 1 – insulin no longer being produced by the pancreas or Type 2 due to the need to lifestyle changes because your insulin receptors are not working as well or your pancreas is running out of insulin production cells

You are the one in control of your life, not your Doctor, not your Diabetes Specialist Nurse or GP and Practice Nurse…. It’s about you!

Key Facts

It is important to keep your Doctor or Nurse Appointments – it may feel like you are going for the GP Practice but you are going for you.

  • If you have a burning question ask it – no question is stupid if it helps your control
  • If there are results ask for them and write them down, keep a record it’s about you, then you can see improvements
  • If a blood pressure is taken ask for the numbers don’t be brushed off with “it’s fine” or “it’s normal” – you need to know and record the numbers
  • If you are on medication ask – What it is for? How it works? When do you take it? Are there side effects? If you stop taking the tablets make sure the Doctor or Nurse knows.
  • Please remember to keep your eye screening appointments they may seem a waste of your time because you can see. I can assure you when things start going wrong it happens quickly. Any eyesight changesTell someone!
  • It is important to also get your feet checked, if you notice any changes at all such as temperature, strange feelings on walking, unusual painfulness, numbness – Tell someone!

This probably seems all very daunting but you will find that once you pick up the gauntlet of self-managing your diabetes, you will take back your life. The most important thing to remember is that you had a life before diabetes. Once you take control of your diabetes life becomes normal again.

It may feel like, oh what does she know she hasn’t got it! But I have worked alongside and with a lot of people who have come into my Clinical Room with the whole World on their shoulders but have left laughing, relieved and back in control.



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