Diabetes Self management for Prisons

A structured education programme for Inmates

Delivery of an evidenced based diabetes education relevant to the current population health profile of those diagnosed with diabetes whilst under the care of the Prison Service.

Appropriate for:

Those who have had a diagnosis of Diabetes whilst serving time in Prison & are due for release and have never received or attended a Patient Structure Based Diabetes Education Programme involving Diabetes Self-Management.

Knowledge Base:

Suitable for Novice to experienced person but requiring up to date changes in practice

Benefits to delegates:

  • Up to date research based best practice.
  • An insight & understanding of the types of diabetes
  • Explanation of how to manage their diabetes outside of Prison
  • Who is responsible for their diabetes care on release

Education package delivery:

  • Diabetes Education Programme for a maximum of 10 inmates per session
  • Certification of attendance
  • Supporting materials supplied as required and as appropriate


  •  What are the types and differences in diabetes?
  • Who is responsible & how to self-manage?
  • Medications, what to eat and when?
  • Where to go for help, why & the importance?
  • What to look for – as in risks, Sick Day Rules
  • Complications – how to prevent
  • Evaluations and feedback incorporated into the ongoing development of the programme to ensure delegates needs are met

Our courses are flexible and can be tailored to your organisation and Prison staff education needs.

For more information or to talk more about this service please either call on 07884553688 or email us at: maureenchadwick@diabetescompletecareuk.com

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