Diabetes Complete Care – Consultancy Service

Diabetes Complete Care Ltd is an organization that is passionate about conveying knowledge, understanding, and management of diabetes to those living with the condition, and ensuring that all relevant stakeholders have a clear appreciation of its complexity.

Our service is therefore predominantly focused on education and delivery to all healthcare professionals and carers involved in person-centered care using evidenced based practice.

Maureen Chadwick,  Founder and Director believes in making a positive impact with regards to Diabetes Care.

We are therefore able to offer, in addition to our training packages, an independent consultancy service.

Our Consultancy is bespoke to your needs and we can cover any aspect of advice and guidance at a strategic level in relation to diabetes and other comorbidities.

Our Consultancy fees include research time and document preparation (where applicable)

Consultancy Benefits

  • Bringing expert knowledge & experience to your organisation
  • Advise with reviewing & updating the diabetes care process in line with CQC                Priorities
  • Enhance stakeholder relationships
  • Prioritising care delivery to those living with multiple long term conditions
  • Guidance to enable the reduction of A&E and inappropriate hospital admissions
  • Aid with amending & updating protocols and policies in compliance with current thinking
  • Guidance for cost effective long term care in line with NHS England, Sustainability and transformation plans (partnerships) (STP’s)

Our courses are flexible and can be tailored to your organisation or staff education needs

For more information or to talk more about this service please either call on 07884553688 or email us at:

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